Did you know that you can now go to the opportunity shop online?

When looking up store locations for Good Sammy’s in Perth (while, I have to admit, I should have been finding something more work-related to do in my most recent boring temp job) I discovered that Good Sammy’s has an online store!

You can search by type of clothes, and by size.  They have men’s, women’s, children’s, and both clothing and footwear – and even swimwear  – up for sale.

 Lounge.Dusty Pink Two (2) Piece Skirt & Jacket.RRP $319. Size 10

They seem to have selected ‘label’ clothes to be sold on the website, although I’ve never heard of most of the ‘labels’ (but then, my knowledge of labels is pretty much gleaned from actual physical shops I’ve seen, rather than magazines which perhaps feature a broader range?)

I guess the problem is that you can’t try anything on, and the prices do seem to be a bit higher than in the actual shop, and there’s no chance of going in for a black top and coming out with a new vintage teacup… but I for one was very pleased to be able to browse an online shop while bored at work but actually look at the kind of clothes I actually buy (ie secondhand)!

Nice and witchy…